Client Defence Regulation in Worldwide Payments Systems, S.A.Spanish
Spanish regulation of Transparency and protection to Financial Service clients.
SAC Customer Service.
SAC addresses complaints and claims of customers of WPS, regarding the provision of services.
SAC acts autonomously operating and commercial departments.
Complaints and Claims
How do you present them? Where? When? Client Defence Regulation full text
SAC shall acknowledge receipt in writing, noting the date of filing.
There are some reasons for a complaint or claim is not admissible (Reasons for non acceptance).
El SAC will resolve the complaint or claim in a reasoned, within two (2) months from the date of filing, communicating the decision to the person concerned in writing within ten (10) days after termination decision.
Disagreement with the decision or lack of response
Departamento de Conducta de Mercado y Reclamaciones del Banco de España
How to file a complaint or claim?
Presenting complaints or claims can be made in person or by proxy, on paper or by computer, electronic or telematic means, provided that they allow reading, printing and saving documents.

The procedure will begin with the presentation of a document shall contain:

Name and address of the person concerned and, if appropriate, of the person representing him properly accredited; issue of national identity for the physical and data relating to its public register and tax identification number for legal entities.

Reason for the complaint or claim, clearly specifying the matters on which a decision is sought.

Department had occurred where the facts of the grievance.

That the claimant's knowledge of the subject matter of the complaint or claim being substantiated through administrative, arbitration or litigation.

Place, date and signature.

The claimant must submit, in addition to the previous document, the documentary evidence in its possession that your complaint or grievance is based.
Where should file a complaint or grievance?
Complaints and claims may be filed with the Customer Service.
- Postal MailWorldwide Payment Systems, S.A.
C/ Torneo, Nº 72
41002 Sevilla -Spain-
- In Peson
When can you file a complaint or claim?
Complaints and claims may be filed with the Customer Service no later than two (2) years from the customer is aware of the facts on which you want to complain or claim.
Reasons for a complaint or claim is not admissible
A complaint or claim can not be accepted for processing if any of the following reasons occurs
When critical data irremediable for processing are omitted, including cases where the subject of the complaint or claim is not specified.

When trying to process such complaint or claim, appeal or action whose knowledge and competence is the administrative, arbitration or court, or claim is pending resolution or litigation or the matter has already been resolved in those instances. When knowledge of the simultaneous processing of a grievance or complaint and administrative, arbitration or judicial proceedings on the same matter, the Service should refrain from admitting admissible or, if they had started their investigation, are unlikely to continue it.

When the facts, reasons and request that the issues in the complaint or claim is based do not refer to specific transactions or do not conform to the requirements set out in Article 5 of this Regulation (for example, claims regarding character relationships employment of its employees Entity).

When complaints or claims to others previously resolved, presented by the client in relation to the same events.

When the deadline for the filing of complaints and claims provided in this Regulation has elapsed.
Departamento de Conducta de Mercado y Reclamaciones del Banco de España
Customers Worldwide Payment Systems, SAU. who are dissatisfied with decisions of Customer Service or have not received a reply the same at the right time, they can have direct access to the website of the Department of Market Conduct and Complaints Bank of Spain, which will find description of the process and procedures.
Complaints, complaints and further information about financial service users in policy of transparency and customer protection
Departamento de Conducta de Mercado y Reclamaciones Postal Mail:
Banco de España
Departamento de Conducta de Mercado y Reclamaciones
c/ Alcalá, 48
28014 Madrid
Tph. no.:
901 545 400
Monday to Friday, from 8.30h to 17.00h (except holidays in Madrid city)
Reference to the rules of transparency and customer protection in financial services.
Law 44/2002, of November 22nd, on Measures to Reform the Financial System, in which the Minister of Finance is empowered to regulate the conditions to be respected by the department or customer service and customer advocate, developed in order ECO / 734/2004, which aims to regulate the requirements and procedures to meet department and customer service as well as customer advocate for Payment Institutions.

ORDER EHA / 1608/2010, on transparency of conditions and information requirements for payment services.